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How to use iptv reseller panel? ( xtreams-code reseller panel)


Are you reseller IPTV? Yes OR No? If NO you can see how to become IPTV reseller OK if yes stay here with me. I will introduce tutorial about IPTV reseller panel. Here is URL for IPTV seller panel You can log in with reseller IPTV account. If you don’t have account IPTV reseller you can read information: […]

How to become iptv reseller?


How to become iptv reseller? Make money easy with resell iptv service. Do you know that more than 50 millions people in the world are using now IPTV service? We provide for iptv reseller package available with an attractive price. Our IPTV subscriptions available that include over more than 5000 channels and 3000 vod. We […]

How to buy Iptv Premium


IPTV Premium We offers you  with over 5000 international channels around the world and free trial iptv 48 hour. we provide iptv premium include sports channels, movies and documentaries, music, Adult iptv xxx Etc… of all tastes in a full package iptv without the need for a satellite dish or antenna. With these Premium Iptv account You can […]

What is Kodi? Kodi tutorial for beginner


What Is Kodi? Kodi entertainment center is an open source, totally free, multi-platform entertainment center with loads of completely unique features and abilities. Most people use Kodi to watch cable TV for free.  Kodi scrapes content from websites that host cable TV streams, allowing you to watch free TV without having to click through tons […]

Xtream Codes IPTV Panel 2.4.2 Review – Part 4: Tutorial to Change the Main Server, Backup & Restore the Database


This is the fourth part of a review about Xtream Codes IPTV Panel, software to become your own content provider, and manage streams, clients, and resellers. The first three parts: Review of Xtream-Codes IPTV Panel Professional Edition – Part 1: Introduction, Initial Setup, Adding Streams… Xtream Codes IPTV Panel Review – Part 2: Movie Data […]