How to use IPTV reseller panel


Are you reseller IPTV?

Yes OR No?

If NO you can see how to How to become IPTV reseller

OK if yes stay here with me. I will introduce tutorial on IPTV reseller panel.

Here is URL for IPTV seller panel. You can log in with reseller IPTV account.

If you don’t have account IPTV reseller you can read information: How to become reseller IPTV?

When you have Reseller IPTV account. We can start to see how to use the panel for reseller IPTV.

  • Login to panel reseller

Login iptv reseller panel

Login iptv reseller panel

  • Change password for a reseller account

You can see in the left menu: Manage profile

Change password of reseller account

Change password of reseller account

  • Create an account for sale with IPTV panel

Click Create New Line

Then enter username and password or don’t put anything it will use random chars

create account with reseller panel iptv

create account with reseller panel iptv

  • Download m3u file or get link m3u with IPTV reseller panel

Get m3u file with reseller panel

Get m3u file with reseller paneluntitled

  • Extend Line IPTV

  1. Search Line ( search username account you want to extend)
  2. Select package to assign to this line ( choice package channels IPTV)
  3. Select Line Type


Extend Line iptv with reseller panel

  • Add MAC address for MAG device

You need click to Add new MAG device 

iptv reseller panel

IPTV reseller panel

Then enter your client MAC address.

Stalker portal for your customer:

iptv reseller panel

IPTV reseller panel

  • Manage Lines IPTV account

You have a panel to manage and you can create an account for each person and manage them ( edit change info, disable, remove) and you easy to manage your customer.
With IPTV Reseller panel.

Manage Lines iptv, edit account, change password iptv account with reseller panel

Manage Lines IPTV, edit account, change password IPTV account with reseller panel

  • Create Subreseller IPTV with the panel

You can make more money with sub-reseller, you can have many sub-reseller

Click on Add Subreseller on the left menu

Then enter information of your reseller

  1. Enter Username of sub reseller
  2. Enter Password for sub reseller
  3. Enter Email  of sub reseller
  4. Enter credit ( it will use your credit, minus credit in your account)

Assign Packages

You can choice package for your reseller

subreseller iptv

subreseller iptv

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You can also see more details at the IPTV Panel or Reseller IPTV

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