IPTV Reseller Panel

To become a reseller you need:
1. A Reseller Account on Bestbuyiptv.store. It is to buy credit and changes your client bouquet.

2. Xtream code reseller panel login detail. Here is where you can create an account for your client.

3. How to setup IPTV service on different devices. If you want to become a reseller, you need to know how to help your client if they have technical issues. Please take a look at our tutorial for each device


How to use Xtream code Reseller Panel?

Wellcome BestbuyIPTV reseller,
In this post, I will show you how the reseller panel works.

If you do not have a reseller account,  you can register as a reseller on bestbuyiptv.store to get a panel to see how it works.

After register please contact us at email [email protected] or Skype live:bestbuyiptv.com and provide your email to activate your account.

When you have Reseller IPTV account. We can start to see how to use the panel for reseller IPTV.

As a Bestbuyiptv reseller, you should receive 2 emails after register. The first email you have a username to login on bestbuyiptv.store. You can log in on bestbuyiptv.store to buy credit and change package for your client.
On the second email, I sent you cms panel login detail, you can create a subscription for your client and monitor their line with xtream-code reseller panel

OK if you already have an account stay here with me. I will introduce a tutorial for IPTV reseller panel.

1.Login to IPTV Reseller Panel

You will receive email and password to login on the second email we sent you.

Step 1: Log in to reseller panel https://cms.xtream-codes.com/xcdgs20ws
Step 2: Enter your Username and Password
Step 3
: Check square "I am not a robot" and hit Login Button
Now you are in BestbuyIPTV cms panel. On the top right corner, you will see the amount of credit that you have. With Reseller trial account you have 0.02 credit, you can create a test to check channel list and quality of the channel. We have more than 9000 channel and 19000 VOD
Online users section: This section shows how many clients of yours connected to servers include: Streaming Lines with M3u list, Mags and E2 devices.
Open connections: monitors the number of connections on your reseller panel. With bestbuyiptv reseller panel, we allow only one connection at the same time that means you will see the number of Online users equal to Open connections.
For example, if you see Online users are 10 online users so on the Open connections should be 5 too. If you see it shows more than 5 on the open connections, it means one of your client use more than one device at the same time. The problem is we allow limit only one connection at the same time if your client use more than one device there is nothing working so please remind your client use one device at the same time, multiple IP is ok.
Total Average output monitors the average amount of server bandwidth in Megabits which is being used by your clients.
Active Subscriptions  (orange area) show the number of accounts active on your panel not include the banned accounts and expired accounts and blocked accounts.

2.Change password for an IPTV reseller account

After you log in on CMS panel please change your password
Step 1: Click on Manage profile option on the left menu
Step 2: Enter your Old password, your New password and Confirm new password.

Step 3: Click on Change your password

You can see in the left menu: Manage profile

On this section, you can change the language on your panel. There are three languages available: English, Italia, and Portuguese.
We disable Google 2Factor Authenticator Code so you can not use this function.

manage profile

3.Create an account for sale with IPTV panel

Before creating an account for your client you should ask your client for which device do they use.
Add Mac address: Mag 250/254/322; STB emulator app on an android device, Dreamlink, Smart STB app on smart tv.
Add M3u link: With PC (VLC and web playerfirestick, smart tv, Android phone, Mag 410/425 (Android OS), iOs phone, Open box
As reseller please take a look at our guide for each device to support technical issue

Each trial cost 0.01 credit, you can create a maximum of 600 trials per day. On the trial version of reseller panel, you have 0.02 credit that means you can create 2 trials to see how it works and which channel do you have on your list.
Attention: We don't allow selling the trial account. We will block if found anyone does it without refund.
That means when I check Line active Log on admin panel then see you create a trial for your client but after trial time you delete and create the account with the same username, password or same mac address your reseller account will get block immediately without refund. Please do not let me do it.

3.1. Create an m3u list for client use android device, smart tv and 

Step 1: On the left menu click on Create New line button

Step 2: Enter your client username or leave it blank to auto-generate random chars

Step 3: On select package to assign to this line you can choose the package for your client. For the trial, you can choose 1 day (0.01 credit), 48h (0.01 credit) or 7 days (1.4 credit) then click on Create New Line.

On the Select line type choose the package for your client
Step 4: On the Note section you can note your client device or whatever you want.
Step 5: Click on Create new line to generate an account.
You will see notification "User added". You can click Manage lines option to check the line you just create.

Then enter username and password or don't put anything it will use random chars

create a new line

3.2. Download m3u list

Step 1: On the left menu in STREAMING LINES section choose to Manage lines

Step 2: Click on the Green arrow in Download column. You can see Download Scripts table.

Step 3: In M3u with Options (channel list will be sorted by country with this option) choose MPEGTS- default for M3u format and choose  HLS for m3u8 format.

Step 4: Send the M3u list to your client.
Note: With IPTV smarter player(available on an iOs device, Android device, and smart tv) and GSE app ( on iOs device)  please send your client username, password, and this Port http://premium-iptv.link:6969

EPG link: http://premium-iptv.link:6969/xmltv.php?username=xxx&password=xxx.  You can replace xxx with your client username and password.

Premium Apk file: http://iptvreseller.xyz:1234/premiumiptv.apk

Premium IPTV box APK http://iptvreseller.xyz:1234/iptvapp.apk

Smarter app: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.nst.iptvsmarterstvbox

download m3u list

3.3. Add mac address

3.3.1 How to find the right mac address?

Be sure you register the right MAC Address for your client.

1. With Mag box: If your client uses mag device, mac address will be founded when your client turns the box back
2. With STB app: Go to the Change profile date => STB configuration =>Mac-address
3. With smart STB app please ask your client for virtual mac address
4. Formuler Z+, download MYTV Online, go to the Edit Service section to find your mac address.

3.3.2. Add mac address

Step 1: Choose Add new MAG device option on the left menu
Step 2: On the Add New Mag device table
1. Enter your client Mac address

2. Select the package to assign to this line. There are many different packages that you can choose Trial ( 1 day, 2 days, and 7 days), 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, a year and 2 years with different countries.
Note: You can not create a new package or customize the channel list. Please choose the package I already made if your clients want to change their package you can go to the bestbuyiptv.store and do it for your client. For more detail how to do it please read on

3. Select Line Type

4. Note. You can note your client name or your client device on this section

Step 3: Click on Create New Line section

Done. You can back to Manage Mag device to check the mac address you just add.
Portal for MAG http://premium-iptv.link:6969/c
After you click on Create New line section you can have a message "This MAC Address already exists as device.". This means this mac address is added on the server by other resellers. You can contact the admin of panel and ask him to check it if your clients' mac address is expired on the server admin can delete it then you can add it again, if not you should advise your client change mac address if he uses STB app on android device or changes his device

Add mac address

4. Manage your client account

1. disableDisable/ Enable line

In case your client asks for a refund you can stop your client account with this button

2. kick user Kick user out of account device they are using

3.  Edit your client info

  • With M3u list
    Change your client password.
    edit password






Attention: Please don't create an account with username and password are the same or password too simple because on the internet some people share tool to scan IPTV account.

  • With Mag device
    Change your client MAC address






On Device Mac address section, change Mac address to the right one and click on Edit User button.
Note: In case after edit mac address and hit edit user button but mac address stays the same please contact Admin of the panel and ask for help. The reason for this situation is that the mac address you want to change to already existed on the server.

4.delete Delete an account

Do not use this button.
Any account you delete you can not recover it. Credit will be gone. If you delete an account by accident it can be correct by admin server.

5. statistic Statistic
This function is disabled on Bestbuyiptv reseller panel because it makes the server become slow and lagging.

5. Extend the trial

Make sure you have credit on your account before extend your client line. You can buy credit with Paypal, Credit card or Bitcoin

5.1. Extend M3u list

Step 1: Hit on Extend line button on the left Menu to open Extend Line table

Step 2:

  1. Search Line: Search for the username that you want to extend
  2. Select package to assign to this line: there are 5 options 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 1 year and 2 years with many different bouquets
  3. Package contains: take a look at the channel list of the package that you choose
  4. Select Line Type: Price for package

- One month{6 credit}
- Three months{15 credits}
- Six months {25 credits}
- 12 months {45 credits}
- 2 years {70 credits}

Step 3: Click on the Extend Line button. Done. Now you can back to Manage Lines page to check your client line
Notice: Each line have only one connection, your client can use only one device at a time, multiple IPs is ok. If your client wants to use his Tv when he is at home and his phone when he is outside it is ok, just remind him do not use 2 devices at the same time, his username may get blocked if he does it.
There is no multiple room subscription if he wants to use 2 devices at the same time he should buy the second line.

extend m3u



5.2. Extend MAC address

Step 1: Click on Extend MAG option on the left menu
Step 2: Search for Mac address that you want to extend and assign a package for that mac
Step 3: Hit Extend Mag button to finish. Back to Manage Mag devices page to check the mac you just extend
Stalker portal for your customer: http://premium-iptv.link:6969/c

extend mag device




Note: if you want to change from Mag address to M3u list or vice versa please contact admin panel you can not do it.

6. Create Subreseller IPTV with the panel

Make more money with sub reseller function, it cost 0 credit to create sub reseller.
Step 1: Click on Add Subreseller button on left
Provide User Details
1. Username: Enter your client username this is your choice
2. Password: enter a security password
3. Email: Your client email
4. Default Language: Choose Language. There are 3 option: English, Italian, and Portuguese
5. Credits: It up to you. Changing the credits balance of your Subreseller will affect your credit balance.

add subreseller

Assign Packages

You can choose the package to assign for your Subreseller on the Assign column. As a reseller, you can change the price for each package on Official credits cost. 

Reseller can only set higher prices than the ones you have set. Resellers will gain as credits the difference from the official Package Price Versus his Price.

You can create as many as sub reseller as you wish.

Step 3: Click on Register user to add new sub reseller

7. Reseller Brands

At BestbuyIPTV resellers will have special features and tools for ease of sale.

Resellers can make their own DNS and sell under their private brand. This means your clients will receive lines based on your dedicated address. For example:

Direct Source: http://yourdomain:6969/get.php?username=xxx&password=xxx&type=m3u_plus&output=ts

MAG portal: http://yourdomain:6969/c

EPG source: http://yourdomain:6969/xmltv.php?username=xxx&password=xxx

You must change your domain with BestbuyIPTV IP, and tell admin your domain.
Note: If you have sub reseller and want he/she uses the link with your brand please contact the admin of panel to change DNS for your sub reseller.

If you have any issue with reseller panel please contact us:

Email: [email protected]

Skype: live:bestbuyiptv.com
( We do not support TICKET)

You can also see more details at the Payment Credit or IPTV Reseller

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